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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i be sure in the quality of the drugs you offer ?

High high-quality of the medications we offer is the field of our most important obstacle. The logic is very easy: the simpler the first-class of items is, the extra buyers we have. Hence we are very attentive and selective in the option of the supplier, the pleasant of goods is thoroughly validated and the documentation is closely checked.

Why do people prefer generics ?

  • the producers of company-name medicines invest tremendous amount of cash to advertise and persuade you to buy their product.
  • typical producers spend much less on promoting and product development.
  • ordinary versions of the same medicine create competitors, which will force costs down (supply: US food and Drug Administration).

Should i have a prescription to order from you ?

No, you needn’t. We don’t require any prescription from our patrons. Nevertheless we would strongly recommend you to consult your physician before taking a treatment. You’ll have some ailments contra-indicated for taking particular varieties of drugs and your surgeon will advise you what you must or mustn’t take.

What should i do if the package is damaged or something is missing?

On this case you’re to contact our consumers care division and notify of the difficulty. We will be able to either resend the package free of charge or refund your payment.

Could i cancel the request ?

Yes, you can withdraw the request, but ensure to do it within 24-hours of placing your order.

Would i be able to get a discount for my money in the wake of dropping the solicitation ?

Yes, you should get the refund, yet simply in the occasion that you just drop you request inside of 24 hours of asking for the same (terms and stipulations material). Discount may take two or three days of time to happen.

When do you send the parcel ?

First of all when we received your payment. We give your request swiftly after you publish and confirm the request conveniently. This may take 24 to 48 hours.

At the point what is the normal conveyance time?

The conveyance time depends mainly on the cargo mode you settled on. For illustration, we have the alternatives of specific and steady transportation. It takes round 8 – 15 working days (subjected to change) for specific shipment, at the same time for original transportation, it takes around 12 – 21 working days (subjected to change).

For more query you can email us or use live chat option we are ready to solve your query 24×7.