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Prescription Policy
How to buy from us

You have decided that you need an ED pill. Having it prescribed by a doctor and picked up from a regular pharmacist is not convenient for you, and that is why you have chosen RxnRX, reliable e-pharma where you can buy the product cheaply without having to have a prescription for it.

Ordering medication is not the same as calling for a pizza or buying electronics in the online shop. Although there are similarities, our website is subject to specific rules from a legal point of view. Some of them are simply useful to you and us. Others were created to ensure your own safety. We want to take away one concern; for you, there is no extensive paperwork involved.

Ordering is possible in our webshop

Normally, we do not have limits for the provision of medication. Nevertheless, we expect you to strictly adhere to the instructions in the package leaflet. Always take medicines according to the relevant recommendations. For example, do not take two pills a day.

In principle, potency drugs are still medicines. They can cause side effects, and you should use them with common sense. If you get up in the morning with a headache, you don't suddenly swallow the full box of aspirin, do you?

Pre-registration is not a requirement

Just browsing around in our webshop we think is fine. In an ordinary store, you first look at the shelves to see what's there, right? You are therefore not obliged to provide an e-mail address with us first. Pre-registration is also not an obligation. Take as much time as you want to read the product descriptions and compare prices.

Only when you pay for your shopping cart and enter your delivery address, your account will be created automatically. Your personal data is safe with us and discretion is guaranteed. We do not bother you with endless offers by e-mail and only in case of an urgent problem we will contact you.

But what if someone other than you reads your emails? Our customer service has years of experience in this industry and knows exactly how to be tactful and discreet. We will never explicitly say what content is in your shipment.

You can cancel your order without any problems

As long as your package is not yet on its way to you, you can cancel your ordered goods. Please contact us if you do not find the policy regarding cancellations entirely clear. We are happy to meet you with the correct information.

If you have provided incorrect address details, we can still change them for you insofar as the shipment has not left. Call or e-mail us as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility if the address details have been entered incorrectly.

Always happy to help

You can email us the scanned copy of the prescription at [email protected]

Contact our customer care executive for more help by filling Contact us form.