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Safegaurding Your Privacy

We may collect data from you, including your credentials, key personals, email address, payment modes, contact information, personal data, such as name, personal account preferences, transactional data, purchase information, and technical data, such as information about cookies, etc. These shall be used by us purely for organising smooth business transactions and communications between you and us.We work to give you a comprehensive and holistic solution in our e commerce platform.

Your sensitive data is safe with us.

We shall never use this information for commercial gains. Your sensitive data shall be protected from being used by the third-party as per regulations laid down by the concerned authorities and statutory bodies. By the assurance of nondisclosure laid out by us also is applicable for you. We expect a mutual and healthy business relationship at all times. It is understood explicitly that the data collected are legally bound between us by the consent given to us. Our retaining theses data is also governed by the broad outline of the contract in essence.

Utilisation of your data is to serve you even better.

The scope of data collection may go beyond our interaction with you and from the involved process, like inbuilt plugins. Contact forms, comments, cookies, analytics, and third party embed. Your profile shall be visible to the public only after mutual consent and approval. Some of the uploaded files are accessible to the public by default.

Duration, tenacity, and validation

The data and information about you may be retained by us a bit longer, even if the contract is terminated. But before we use them beyond the first use intended shall be will be within the ambit of the agreement and without prejudice or damage to you. We will not change or camouflage the information you submitted for other marketing purposes but strictly to interact with you.