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Quick Description

No more frustration, no more depression, have Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg Black Pill from Aurochem, the ultimate Erectile Dysfunction treatment. 


Product description of Cenforce 200 mg Black Pill 


The Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill medicine by Aurochem Pharma proved beyond even without any trace of doubt as the right medicine . It is acting fast, lasting long and help you to achieve what is lacking in your sexual life. More and more people are frustrated day by day as they fail to perform due to a poor or no erection at all. The reason could be many for this alarming situation- psychological, physical, illness, deformity, fast food, climatic change and so on. Here is a solution to this perennial problem for men to combat ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation) or impotence. 


This is a male only tablet and ideally suited between the age group of 16 and 65 years. Also, Cenforce is a need based medication, which should be stopped as soon as the results are achieved, in other words, you should not allow being addicted with it. Men can get all the lost vigour, confidence, rejuvenation and esteem almost instantly. Women and children should keep away from this medicine. This medicine solved ED problem due to physical conditions only.  For psychological reasons, counselling is called for. 


Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill is a prescription medicine; your doctor will assess all your physical conditions and ailments as well as present medication before prescribing the correct dosage for Cenforce 200 mg. Essentially this is a generic Viagra medicine with Sildenafil as eth main ingredient.  Besides ED, the same medicine can be used to treat benign pro static hyperplasia, pulmonary arterial hypertension, and ED as prescribed by a physician. The erectile dysfunction is due to lack of blood flow in the penile area. Cenforce generate Nitric Oxide which in turn soot hen the blood carrying vessels and crate an erection. However please note that a sexual stimulation is a must for Cenforce to act. 


Uses of Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg Black Pill 


Cenforce by Aurochem is the most effective medicine to treat ED. The dosage should be maintained strictly. Overdose of Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill can bring on some mild or grim side effects. This medicine is h competently priced. 


·  The extra blood flow is sufficient to have an erection long enough to achieve an erection. 

·  Millions and millions of men find this is the right medicine. And of course their partners are satisfied. 

· This medicine is not meant for people with chronic diseases of heart, liver, lungs etc. 

·  Also, care should be taken in consuming this medicine as there could be some side effects from this medicine. 


Working of Generic Viagra 200mg Black Pill 


Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill by Aurochem is a selective cyclic GMP specific Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibitor. When this enzyme is blocked by Cenforce 200mg, the level of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate CGM) start releasing Nitric Oxide. If the problem is due to physical deformity, this medicine will not help and possibly you need a surgery or treatment. 


·  This medicine shall in turn enhance the blood flow of arteries of the male organ. 

·  The action takes place only after a sexual stimulation. 

·  The action should start within 45 minutes of intake of Cenforce and should last for 5 hours. 

·  The action will vary depending on individual metabolism, age and psychological condition. 

· This is a salvage therapy which is also known as rescue therapy. Medically this refers to the potency of the molecule Sildenafil Citrate. 


Storage of Cenforce Generic Viagra 200mg Black Pill 


Storage of Cenforce 200mg Generic Viagra 200mg black pill by Aurochem is simple which needs no special preparation like air conditioning, freezing etc. You can store them at Room temperature, Please avoids bathroom to store this medicine due to moisture ingress ion. It is better if the medicines are kept in airtight containers. 


· Never swap medicine with others even if the symptoms are identical. 

·  Keep the medicine away from children and pets. 

·  Always keep an eye on the expiry date. Dispose of unused, unnecessary and expired medicine as per protocol. 

·  It is advisable to keep the medicines in original containers. 

·  Never mix Cenforce with other medicines. 

·  Please do not crush or dissolve medicines. 


Precaution while taking Generic Viagra 200mg Black Pill 


The medicine should be taken with extreme caution. People with chronic or acute diseases like Sickle cell Anemia, Leukemia, Multiple melanomas, Heart attack, Blood pressure etc. should use this medicine only after consultation with a doctor. 


·  In case of any serious side effects occurring, you should seek immediate medical assistance. 

· Take this only if the doctor prescribes you and should not be taken as self-medication. 

·  You should follow the dosage as prescribed only. 

·  You should buy the medicine only from reputed pharmacies as there are a number of suppliers selling spurious drugs at a cheaper price. 

·  As this is a male only medications, women should not use it unless prescribed by a doctor 


Side effects of Cenforce or Generic Viagra 200mg Black Pill 


Cenforce or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill can cause some side effects; some of the side effects are mild and temporary. But some others can be fatal. You should seek medical assistance in case of severe side effects immediately. Some of eth side effects caused by Cenforce are as follows. 


·    Headaches, Flushing, Upset stomach,Trouble sleeping 

·    Nausea, Fever, Nosebleeds, Respiratory infection 

·    Vomiting, Sore throat, Bronchitis, Blurry vision 

·    Runny nose, Confusion, Dizziness, light-headedness, Fainting 

·   Weakness, Sleepiness, Hearing problems, Fainting, Weakness, Sleepiness 

·   Priapism(An erection that prolongs for over four hours) 


Safety measures for Cenforce or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill by Aurochem 


This being a prescription medicine, extreme safety measures need be adhered to. Since there could be some hallucination or disorientation during the course of medication, you are advised to do driving or any jobs that require high concentration. Taking the medicine with a glass of water is fine and avoid heavy fatty food. 


·   You are to avoid drinking, tobacco use or drugs while you are on this medication. 

·  Avoid Nitrates intake as that will interfere with Cenforce. 

·  In case you are experiencing thyroid kidney and liver issues, at that point also you should abstain from taking this drug. 

·  Also taking Cenforce 200mg or Generic Viagra 200mg black pill along with amlodipine, Alpha Blockers, Ritonavir, CYP3A4 Inhibitors like ketoconazole and alcohol due to drug interaction.

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