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Shipping & Refund Policy

You have clicked on the very last button to confirm your order. Now we have to wait and see when your package arrives. Maybe this was your very first purchase of erection tablets for men or libido drugs for women. Then you may be curious about the further course of the shipment. But even if you are a regular customer with us, information about the delivery process is always practical.

Our flexible cancellation policy

Perhaps you think at the last minute that you would rather have your products delivered to a different address than what you had originally specified. Or possibly you have given an incorrect street or place of residence. It is also possible that you have ordered too much or too little of a specific item. To err is human. Don't worry; as long as your belongings are not actually on their way to you, the possibility to cancel is easy.

Shipping locations and variable shipping cost

Normally we deliver all over Belgium, even if you live somewhere in a quiet corner of the country or in one of our enclaves. Depending on the delivery address, the shipping cost may vary. This is because we can count on cheap delivery by post for some deliveries. In any case, we always use the lowest possible prices. And from a certain purchase price, we simply remove these costs.

Can I check the status of my delivery?

You can check the status of your order to know exactly where your package is located! It is not as unpleasant as being uncertain about the exact location of a shipment if its contents need to be handled discreetly. Then we will provide you with the tracking number. By making use of this, you can follow up your order(s) via a specialized website (https://www.17track.net/). Sometimes it happens that the delivery person still has to activate this tracking number. This usually happens within 48 hours of our report.

The shortest possible waiting time

We always strive to give your order all possible priority. Under normal circumstances, this means that you can receive the ordered medicines with a standard delivery from 7-15 days after they have left us. Sometimes it can take up to 21 days, but that only rarely happens.

An Express delivery will usually arrive after 5 to 7 days. If it takes longer, something may have gone wrong. Contact our delivery service quickly to find out everything about it.

Division of large orders

We always do our utmost to deliver as quickly and safely as possible. Therefore, it can happen that large orders are divided into smaller packages. Our depots are located in different countries and each have their own rules for an optimal delivery experience.

Customs delays

There is little chance that there will be problems with our transport from abroad to Belgium, but the impending Brexit may nevertheless create uncertainty. Despite our good care, it may happen that the truck or the delivery by post has to wait at a border crossing. Should this happen, we will keep you informed.

What can you do in case of damaged or missing items

Very unpleasant, but cardboard boxes can be bruised. If you discover that the contents of your packaging with potency items have not survived the transport well, or that something is missing, inform us immediately (you can also attach a photo or video of the damaged goods as proof). Depending on the damage, we will send your package again or refund it to you in part or in full. In our general terms and conditions of sale you can already read the most important information.